The Rebel heart story

As with many stories, Rebel Heart Books began as a secret dream, an if only, a someday. Since setting foot in the historic town of Jacksonville, OR over 15 years ago, the setting was the only thing we knew for sure. 

Why Rebel Heart?

Though it’s not necessarily an original idea, it’s the driver for this particular story: we believe that everyone has a bit of a rebel heart, the desire to be or do something different or unexpected.

After artist, Daniel Killackey, designed the Rebel Heart archeress her image drove everything, including the store mantra: be brave, be true, leave your mark. 

Pull from your heart with power and intention and release what you have to give out into the world.



Independent bookstores are not just physical spaces to house books. They anchor communities. They house real people and ideas, stories of love and hope, pain and loss, failure and redemption and any emotion and circumstance that can be imagined or experienced. Their fuel is a belief in the written word. They take care of people. Rebel Heart Books is eclectic, intentional and lovingly curated.

You may notice when you enter our store that there are no category labels. Before we opened, we visited NYC and walked into a gem of a bookstore called Three Lives & Company not much bigger than our 625 sq. ft.. Because it had no category designations, we found books that we might otherwise have missed in our normal rush to head to "our" section. Challenging yourself to look past a label (or cover) embodies the spirit of Rebel Heart Books. We invite you to have that same experience. If you find that you'd prefer a guide though, we're always here to help.







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